Triplequote Founder Reflects on Gradle Acquisition

Iulian and Mirco announced today that Triplequote was acquired by Gradle Inc. and that they have both joined the new Scala team at Gradle. In this post, Iulian reflects on the journey that got Triplequote to this exciting milestone in the company’s history and what comes next as a result of joining forces with Gradle.

Rock your sbt build time: Understand how sbt works

We never compile our Scala code by invoking the Scala compiler directly. There is usually some other tool between us and the Scala compiler, and therefore compilation time is very often inflated by the specific tool at hand. In the Scala ecosystem, the tool we use to compile and build our projects is generally sbt. Understanding which inefficiencies are inherent to sbt and which depend on setup is key to minimize build times. In this first instalment we lay the foundation to understand how you can optimize your build.

Yoco reasons to use Hydra: 7x faster Scala compilation, fewer bugs in production, and developers happiness!

Yoco’s mission is to enable small businesses accept credit card payments in South Africa. The Yoco platform plays a decisive role in keeping them ahead of the competition, but the growing compile time was disrupting developer productivity and negatively impacting application correctness. Hydra has instantly solved both problems and brought back the joy of coding in Scala.

Compile Scala code with Hydra