Hydra: 6x faster Scala compilation!

Hydra takes advantage of the many cores available in modern hardware to achieve impressive speedup. Hydra is a drop-in replacement of the regular Scala compiler. The only thing you notice is that it's way faster!


Parallel Scala compilation

Hydra compiles Scala source code in parallel by distributing Scala files between cores. Hydra parallelizes the whole Scala compilation pipeline, achieving 6.3x speedups on large projects*
*on server-grade hardware using 10 cores

Sbt Integration

Use the Sbt plugin to instantly get Hydra running on your existing projects without additional configuration and route all Scala compilation through Hydra.

Dotty screenshot
CLI screenshot

Command line

Use the Triplequote Hydra compiler on the command line as a drop-in replacement for the scalac command.

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We're starting an early-access program for a few select customers. If you'd like to try Hydra now, please get in touch.

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If you'd like to learn more, check out our slides from ScalaSphere 2017. Video coming soon.