Collect all the data

Every time you compile your project Hydra collects statistics about what the compiler is doing. Data is saved and pushed to the dashboard server, where you can have a comprehensive view of how your compile times are evolving or where time is spent.

Check the average compilation speed in lines of code per second, the total time spent compiling or the size of your project, all at a glance using the Deck view.

Get insights

Scala compilation times can vary widely based on seemingly innocuous changes. How can you keep on top of that? Enter the Insights panel: see what are the slowest files to compile, if the workers are balanced or if garbage collection time is eating up precious seconds.

Macros can simplify your life, but don’t let them control you: keep code explosion in check with the TPNF number: is your code quadrupled in size after type checking? You would like to know that – and the dashboard delivers.

Tame the beast

Is your project suddenly taking longer to compile, or was it that ScalaDays talk you had running in the background?

Keep it under control with the Trends view: check how time, lines of code or compilation speed are evolving in each subproject. Act as soon as something looks odd and keep your team productive.

See it in action!

Watch this 2 minutes screencast and fully appreciate the benefits that the Hydra Dashboard brings to your Scala projects.

Remember, you can’t control what you can’t measure!

Compile Scala code with Hydra