Hydra takes advantage of the many cores available in modern hardware to achieve impressive speedup. Hydra seamlessly integrates with your development environment and the only thing you notice is that Scala compiles fast!

Parallel Scala compilation

Parallel Compilation

Hydra compiles Scala source code in parallel by distributing Scala files between cores.

Scala.js support


Compile your Scala.js web application with Hydra and achieve impressive speedups.

IntelliJ IDEA integration

IntelliJ IDEA

Compile Scala code inside IntelliJ with Hydra and reach new levels of productivity.

sbt integration


Fast Scala compilation on your existing sbt projects without additional configuration.

Maven integration


Boost compilation of your Scala projects with the Hydra Maven plugin.

Command line

Command line

Use Hydra on the command line as a drop-in replacement for the scalac command.

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What We Do

Empowering Scala teams by drastically reducing compilation time

Compile Scala Faster

Speed up your Scala builds! Hydra parallelizes compilation across all available cores: more cores, less waiting!


If your project compilation times are getting out of hand, or you need consulting, coaching or training, we have you covered!

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Triplequote's mission is to boost the productivity of Scala teams by drastically reducing Scala compilation times. We dream of a world where compiling Scala is as fast as Java.

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Iulian Dragoș

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Mirco Dotta

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Martin Odersky

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